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As a personal care contract manufacturer of custom formulations, Westwood Laboratories Inc. has the capability
to produce drug, beauty and cosmetic formulations in a variety of categories such as hair care, body care, sunscreens, topical OTC drug
products, spa care, pet care, baby care and men's grooming.

Please view each category below for a more detailed list of specific topical product types.

Skin Care

Eye Creams & Serums
Moisturizers, Masques & Rejuvenators
Whitening & Brightening Formulas
Hand & Body Lotions & Gels
Alpha Hydroxy Lotions & Cremes
Cleanser, Toners & Astringents
Blemish Control Systems
Peels & Dermabrasion Scrubs
Firming Cremes & Gels
Wrinkle Reduction & Scar Therapy
Hand & Nail Treatments


Chemical Sunscreens
Mineral Sunscreens
Reef-Friendly SPF
Sun Block Lotions & Sprays
Broad Spectrum & Water Resistant
Tan Enhancers
After-Sun Care

Sanitizing, Antiseptic
& Surface Cleaner Products

Hand Sanitizers
Mold Eliminators
Foaming Soaps
Surgical Scrubs
Antiseptic Lotions
Liquid Household Cleaners

Over-The-Counter &
Therapeutic Products

Joint & Muscle Pain Relief
Acne Care
Diaper Creams & Lotions
Wound Barriers & Liquid Bandages
Personal Lubricants
First Aid & Skin Ailment Products
Blister & Callus Relief Products
Feminine Care Products
Foot Care Creams & Washes
Oral Care Mouthwashes & Device Cleaners
Itching, Rash & Anti-Fungal Products

Hair & Body Care

Shampoo & Conditioners
Volumizing & Hair Strengthening
Detangling & Highlighting
Bath & Shower Gels
Body Washes & Bath Oils
Massage Creams & Oils
Body Powders
Dry Shampoo Powders

Men's Personal Care

After Shaves
Non-Aerosol Shaving Creme
Hair Grooming Products
Skin Conditioners
Hair Removal Formulas

Companion Animals

Anti-Bacterial Products
Hot Spot Remedies
Anti-Diarrhea products
Worming products
Wound Care Products
Flea and Tick Shampoos
Ear mite and Tick Control
Canine, Feline & Equine Grooming Shampoos
Grooming Sprays
Ear Cleaners
Stain & Odor Products
Melaleuca Products
Housebreaking & Training Aids
Breath Sprays & Drops

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